4x6 Blue Tarp

The 4 x 6 Blue Tarp from TarpUSA™ is 5-6 mil thick laminated polyethylene and have a weight 2.9 ounce per square yard. They are made from 800 Denier with a 8x10 weave count. The cut size is 4 feet by 6 feet, while the finished measured size is roughly 3% to 5% smaller. These economy lightweight blue Tarp are ideal for lawn & garden covers, emergency home repairs, temporary industrial covers, and construction sites. The material is waterproof, mildew resistant, tear resistant and acid resistant. These blue tarps come with rustproof aluminum grommets installed about every 36 inches along each side for your convenience. The hems are reinforced with poly twine. For large quantities of 4 x 6 blue tarps or bulk-shipping rates, please call us at (800) 352-6609.

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